Social Media and Branding – Branding Myself


If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you at least know my name. At this point, if you can’t think of anything else that defines me, then I haven’t done a good job presenting my brand to you. What follows is some professional background and what’s been done to become known to other people.

Acknowledging your own brand allows you to let people know who you am professionally. According to Richland Library, your brand is synonymous with your reputation. There are two significant parts of my brand that I believe are essential to myself: learning and helping others. These two qualities have led me to the job opportunities I’ve had so far. Let me elaborate further with some background.

At San Jose State, we use Piazza, an online question-and-answer discussion platform, in the introductory computer science courses. When I took the introductory course a couple of years ago, I was on Piazza all the time helping answer many of the questions that students posted. I used it enough that my professor noticed me as “that one guy who answers all the questions.”

The semester afterwards, I was writing an essay for my English course about how online and on-campus courses compare with each other. I interviewed my professor from last semester to get more information about the differences of online and on-campus courses. After all, he had experience with teaching on-campus courses (I was in one of them) and he was in the process of creating an online course with a company creating online courses. After the interview, he thought it would be a good idea to have me help out as a teaching assistant to the online course he was building with the company. So I took my first job as a teaching assistant, which I can attribute to my professor remembering who I was from my endless Piazza responses.

I created to connections with the people I worked with from San Jose State and the company I currently work for. I became known as someone who can work independently and quickly learn new skills, teach others, and finish projects. Whatever skills we have, we should be proud about them and let others know.

Although I don’t personally use popular social media outlets such as Facebook, I do write in this blog, which is available for anyone to see. Stepniowski (2014), an adjunct instructor, wrote that blogging is an active way to establish a brand. Blogging helps me practice my writing and lets me engage with an audience. Stephniowski tells her students to blog as it adds value to resumes and gives employers something to see when they Google for potential candidates.

Outside of the digital world, I also talk with people outside the online world. Interacting and networking with people physically around campus is one of the ways I developed a brand; the more people who know who I am, the more outreach my brand has. Since I’ve started college I’ve felt the number of people who know that I exist has grown from my own family and a small group of friends to professors at San Jose State and colleagues I’ve been lucky to meet and work alongside.


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